Heron Hill Garden Estate

Registration of Domestic workers, gardeners and Au Pairs

Take Note:

Please ensure to complete all the required fields applicable to your registration. You can upload documents in PDF, JPG or PNG format.

Should you experience a problem with the form, press CONTROL F5 together to refresh the page and start again.


Note: Only three Workers can be registered per stand

1. The information below must be completed by the Resident, whereafter the Domestic/Gardener must present their legal RSA ID / Passport / Workers Permit at the HOA Registration Office to issue a card.

2. The Resident is responsible to de-register the worker with Security upon his/her termination of employment

3. Access is granted directly after Registration for a period of one year only

4. Live-in Domestic workers and Au Pairs will need to be re-registered the following year.


If registering for a Domestic Worker, please complete the required information below:

If registering for a Gardener, please complete the required information below:

If registering for an Au Pair, please complete the required information below:

Please note: After you click Send Message please be patient while the form is submitting.

You will receive a summary email of your registration. Should you not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.